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Grappling is very similar to Brazilian jiu-jitsu but without the gi (only short and t-shirt). The goal is to bring their opponent to the ground to compensate for any physical weakness or corpulence in a fight based on strangulation techniques, keys or dislocations . The BJJ gives opponents the freedom to give up or endure the technique of submission. The grappling rulesets allow the application of most of the more dangerous submission attacks (like certain leg-locks and neck-cranks) which are illegal in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
This No Gi discipline increases the amount of speed and athleticism required, and it also limits the sweeping and submission options.

A savoir

Grappling course is open to everyone from 14 years old and is open to beginners and advanced.
This class is opened to the MMA practitionners too.
Our academy is dedicated to both amateurs and competitors.


  • Development of self-confidence
  • Development of endurance, agility and flexibility
  • Improved concentration and learning to solve problems
  • Allow to evacuate the tensions
  • Helps develop muscle and lose weight

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